Meditation in Action

Meditation practice enables us to live in the present moment and experience life in a more vivid and intimate way. By living a mindful life, we are able to embody qualities of authenticity and spontaneity, both necessary for satisfying relationships and creative expression.

Through practicing meditation we develop a stable body-mind connection which supports us in staying present and open to the flow of our experience. 

Just as meditation practice nourishes and enhances your journey in psychotherapy, learning to stay present will enrich all aspects of your life. I have been practicing the traditional forms of Ashtanga yoga and Buddhist meditation for over fifteen years.

During that time, I realized that everything in my life had become my spiritual practice; work, relationships, art, music, dance, as well as time sitting on my meditation cushion.

"Do whatever it is that makes you feel the most mindful and joyful!" are words of advice given to me that I share with you. My most recent exploration of "meditation in action" has been while sitting at the potters wheel.