I earned my Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University where I trained in integrating mindfulness practices into psychotherapy. I continued to study and practice in the Buddhist tradition for over fifteen years and draw upon my experience of yoga and meditation in counseling individuals, couples, and groups. I believe the most healing force in the universe is pure unconditional love and from this quiet place all growth happens. I have found that when you accept yourself as you are and feel compassion for your situation, that change is a natural result. It comes from the self-love that inevitably creates a meaningful life and loving relationships. Having traversed the healing journey myself, I learned each step of the way that a successful treatment must include the somatic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects of a person. Thus I emphasize the healing power of unconditional presence and work holistically to help you feel safe in your body while addressing unresolved emotional issues.