individual psychotherapy

People come to see me for a variety of reasons including:

Trauma recovery and resolution
Stress and worry about the future
Depression and feeling dissatisfied with life
Grieving a loss or having difficulty letting go
Feeling stuck in the past and outdated habitual patterns
Loneliness and wanting better relationships
Life transitions, new partner, new job, identity changes
Asking questions such as, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”
Feeling blocked in creative or spiritual practices

Our work is focused on the present; keeping your therapeutic goals for the future in sight while engaging and addressing material from the past as necessary. I work individually with clients of all ages, particularly those in their mid-twenties to late-thirties who are questioning their identity and reflecting on the life choices they have made so far. Some of the benefits of counseling include the cultivation of greater self-awareness, developing better coping strategies, a greater capacity for intimacy in relationships, release from the past, less fear and anxiety, relief from depression, greater self-acceptance, improved health and happiness. Click here to learn more about how I apply mindfulness practice to psychotherapy.

couples psychotherapy

Many couples use therapy to work with:

Relationship transitions (moving in, getting engaged, separating, etc.)
Improving communication
Deepening intimacy, connection and trust
Working through built up anger and resentment
Discussing difficult issues such as money and sex
Picking up the pieces after affairs and infidelities

Couples therapy is not just about having problems in your relationship. Many successful couples use couples therapy as a way of maintaining a healthy relationship. Couples find that therapy creates a safe space where they can regularly discuss what needs attention and communicate what is currently working or not working in their relationship. Being in a relationship can be challenging at times!

My couples work is interactive and supportive, geared toward efficient problem-solving and the working through of presenting issues through the cultivation of clear communication, greater empathy, and compassion. The work can help to alleviate pain that occurred in the relationship and increase greater sensitivity for how you impact and experience each other today. Click here to read more about bringing mindfulness practice into your relationship.